Our Programs & Classes

Toddler (2-2.5 yr olds) :
A wonderful intro to the world of dance through creative play, songs & the basic techniques of tap & ballet.

Creative Movement I (3-4 yr olds) & Creative Movement II (4 yr olds):
The perfect one hour program to welcome your child to the art of dance. Designed for our youngest students, these classes offer development & coordination, musical awareness & listening skills. Your child will be introduced to tap, ballet, tumbling & basic jazz. Inovative games & movement, stretch your child's imagination.

Combo Class (5-6 yr olds):
Children will learn more challenging dance techniques in these 1 hour combination classes. Includes barre, center floor and across the floor work. Children will learn basic combinations in tap, jazz and ballet set to their favorite songs; an important and wonderful stepping block concerned with the growth of your child's dance abilities. Levels I & II are for the 1st year and 2nd year students respectively.

Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop (5-7 yrs):
Designed for our younger students interested in one hour of jazz/ hip hop. Students will be introduced to basic jazz and hip hop technique set to their favorite songs.

Jazz/ Tap (6-7 yrs):
This one hour class continues to build upon the dancers' knowledge of jazz, hip hop & tap while challenging the dancer to the next level.

Jazz/Hip Hop/Tap/Ballet (7+):
We offer a full program for children Level 1- Students with little or no experience - Level 2 Students with experience & appropriate technique & skill presented at those class levels.

Lyrical/Modern/Contemporary (6+):
beginner and advanced levels

Zumba (Teens/Adults/Kids):
High energy dance/aerobics/set to hot Latin and jazz music for all levels.

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